Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the one place in this crazy world where you can be free to express your every desire and create a space that is warm, inviting and absolutely perfect for your unique needs, desires and tastes.

But how do you make this happen? How can you find that perfect mix of elements that reflects your personality while also functioning effectively in your daily life?

It’s a tough question.

If you’re like me then you’ve made all the standard stops. You’ve cruised through the big box furniture stores only to turn your nose up at a parade of uninspired designs you feel like you’ve seen a hundred times before in every house you’ve ever visited. (Including your Grandmother’s and your dentist office!) You’ve haunted flea markets and resale shops in the hopes of stumbling across one of those vibrant eclectic vintage furniture finds you’ve seen tucked into the corner of those perfect rooms you drool over in design magazines. You’ve even scoured Pinterest in hopes of transforming your old and dingy pieces into something new and inspiring.

You’ve tried it all. The problem? None of it seems to fit.

The box stores? Not your style.

Flea market finds? Not at the ones you’ve been combing through.

Pinterest project? Turns out you’re not all that into the DIY scene.

Trust me, I’ve been there! I completely understand how you feel!

So, I decided it was time to try something different. While I love the look of the vintage furniture I would see in other people’s homes, it didn’t always have quite the feel I was going for. I wanted the unique, but I also wanted pieces that had a fresher look. For me, this was a starting point. From there I learned about vintage cast iron bases and how some designers were repurposing them into fantastic new pieces. I learned about industrial furniture design and the appeal of clean lines mixed with artistic flair. Then I almost accidentally stumbled upon vintage industrial furniture and I was hooked.

Vintage industrial furniture combines the uniqueness of vintage furniture with the clean, sturdy look and feel of industrial style furniture. Lots of metal and wood blended into interesting and unique shapes. Each piece clearly formed for a specific purpose from a time forgotten. Tables with swivel benches that slide out of sight when not in use. Raw wood edges softened by years of use and countless coats of varnish and poly. Solid, heavy bases that grip the floor and dominate the room. Fresh wooden tops bolted to vintage cast iron bases. The pieces are truly amazing.

The question now becomes which one do I want, and how do I use it?

I love the look of a clean, industrial style buffet seated next to an exposed brick wall. Or the juxtaposition of a warm, highly varnished wooden top paired with the rough metal of a vintage cast iron base. These elements are timeless. They will give your design that unique feel while still being usable. After all, who wants to spend endless amounts of time, effort and money finding furniture that can’t be used? A table is not meant to be stared at! It’s meant to serve a purpose in your life. In your home. The great part is that it can do its job and still manage to look amazing at the same time.

If only we could all be so fortunate.

For me it’s all about the mix. The hard and the soft. The vintage and the fresh. The appeal of a soft, luxurious sofa tucked up beside the smooth planes of an industrial office furniture style table. Or maybe you might want to divide up a room by using industrial style furniture tables to break up seating areas and encourage your guests to congregate in specific areas?

The options are truly endless! The question is how will you make these amazing vintage industrial style furniture pieces work with your design plan? Are you looking to make a statement? A focus piece that will draw the eye and start a conversation? Or are you looking to mix something fresh into your existing plan? Whichever option you choose the results are sure to be amazing. After all, with these types of bold unique pieces it is hard to go wrong.