Who doesn’t love shopping for furniture? Walking through beautiful showrooms all decked out in the latest trends and then imagining how those luscious industrial furniture pieces would look gracing the halls of your own humble abode. Studying how different pieces are paired together by the professionals and then marveling at the stunning visual artistry of unique combinations you never would have come up with on your own.

It’s a breathtaking effect that is sure to get your wheels spinning with ideas and possibilities.

There’s just one tiny problem with all this. There is a huge difference between shopping for furniture and actually taking the plunge and buying new furniture.

There are just so many choices! What if you get it wrong? What if it doesn’t look quite as amazing hanging out in your living room as it does staged in the perfect lighting of the furniture store?

Here’s the thing… I get it! I’m right there with you! New furniture can be a big purchase that you end up living with for years. You don’t want to just like what you buy; you want to LOVE it! You want it to bring a smile to your face every time you walk into the room. And that my friends is exactly the goal we are after.

So, to help you on your quest, I’ve put together this little list of 3 key tips and tricks I’ve come up with over the years. The ideas are simple, but effective. And my hope is you can put them to great use as you search for the perfect vintage furniture pieces to add to your life.

3 Tips for Finding the PERFECT Vintage Furniture Pieces for Your Life:

1 – Go in with a Plan
Before you ever even walk out the door you need to know what you are looking for. This includes having an idea of the type of piece that you need along with knowing where it will live in your home. Are you searching for the perfect wooden buffet table nested on a vintage cast iron base? Or maybe you are looking for more of an industrial furniture design to finish out your office space?
Whatever it is, know your plan. This includes knowing what colors will work in your room or having a color scheme in hand when you shop. Doing so will help ensure that your room comes together with both the look and feel you are searching for.


2 – Take Pictures!
Not sure if you will keep all those details straight while you shop? No problem! Take pictures of the area you are shopping for and bring them with you while you hunt. This will help keep the space fresh in your head as well as give any sales people a clear idea of what you are talking about.

That way when you tell them you want a vintage industrial style table for a small corner space they can see exactly what you are talking about and offer useful, targeted advice.


3 – Bring Extra Eyes
If you’re still not sure whether you want industrial office furniture or a set of tables designed around their vintage cast iron bases then don’t be afraid to ask for a second opinion. Take someone you trust with you when you shop. Show them the space you are shopping for before you ever leave the house and then have them touch, sit on and spend time with right along with you. This way they can help keep you focused as you shop while also helping you find that perfect vintage furniture piece you’ve been searching for.


The thing about furniture, even amazing vintage furniture, is that it is meant to be used…not simply stared at. Therefore, you don’t ever want settle for second best. Remember, this perfect vintage industrial table is a piece you will likely live with for years to come. So make sure you are getting what you want!

Shopping for furniture, especially vintage furniture, should be fun. It should be exciting to think about possibilities and to find that perfect pieces you’ve been searching for. So plan ahead, find a friend and head out the door for an awesome adventure. Not only will you end up with new furniture that you absolutely love, but you’re also likely to have a story or two to go along with it!